Grow Valley is an online game that can be played free of cost over the internet.

The game is based on the concept of strategy that users have to apply to a barren valley so that it can be cultivated and urbanized.

Grow Valley

Grow Valley is an excellent game, having quite a good storyline behind its game play. At first, you are given a valley, or a large plot of land. You have to urbanize this valley, with the help of various factors. Several icons will be displayed on the bottom of the game window.

These icons represent the various aspects of society, like health, architecture, technology, etc. when you click on any of these icons; little figures jump out of them, and build different things in the valley, like roads, houses, tunnels, set up towers for telecommunication, etc. There is a catch to all this. The icons have to be clicked in a definite sequence; otherwise the valley will not be able to grow. The sequence is very easy to figure out. For example, telecommunication can only come after buildings have been set up, and not vice versa. So, applying common sense, players can build their own towns in the valley. The graphics of Grow Valley are very sharp and good. It has a cartoonish look to it. The controls are very, very simple, considering the fact that only the mouse has to be used. So, all in all you should definitely try Grow Valley game, especially if you like building your own virtual towns.